FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Will eating too much salt make me gain weight?

-Eating salt without proper hydration will actually make you gain water weight rather than fat.

Are Foods high in sodium only found in fast food and convenience meals?

– Although it is true that the foods containing the most sodium per serving are usually from fast food restaurants and T.V. dinners, salt added at home ( either in cooking, added at the dinner table, or in the form of sauces and condiments) surprisingly contribute to the 15% of the total sodium in the U.S. diet.

Which Suppliments are most popular

– Omega 3/ Fish oil

-Vitamin D

– Calcium

-Folic Acid

What’s the difference between portion size and serving size?

– Portion size is the amount of a single food item served in a single eating occasion, normally a meal or snack. People often confuse portion size with serving size, which is a standard unit of measuring foods (a cup or ounce)

Which oils are better for your health?

– monounsaturated : canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, avacados, nust and seeds


Where can I go to learn more information about the food pyramid/ mypyramid?

You can click on this link

Where other than drinking water can I fill my need?

– Eating foods such as broth soups, celery, tomatoes, oranges, and melons. Anything that is 85-90 % water.

How much water should I be drinking each day?

-You can follow the idea of 8 glasses a day, although that is not followed up by any scientific evidence. Mostly you should follow the recommendation of drinking water when you feel thirsty.

What is the recommended temperature for cooking ground meat?

– 160 degrees

Where should I store perishable vegetables?

– Store perishable fresh fruits and vegetables in a clean refrigerator at a temperature of 40 degrees or below.



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That’s really interesting about the salt consumption. I knew that salt dehydrates you but that really interesting that you gain water weight.

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